Following Christ By Serving Others

Sunday School:  9:00 a.m.  Worship:  10:15 a.m.

First Christian Church Disciples of Christ


Summer will be here before we know it!  We are so excited for camp.  Our very own Jill is hosting a "Faith Horse Bible Camp" on May 22, 2021 (more information follows below.)  There are also many camps around Nebraska that offer day or week long camps, family camps, and many more options.  Call Megan at (402) 239-7619 and she will be happy to help you find one that will work for you!


Kids from 4 - 17 years old learn what it's like to have a horse for a day!  Learn to care for one of God's most majestic creations.  Including grooming, hoof care, horse health, tacking, and stall care.  Campers get to ride in the outdoor arena, practice how to steer, stop, turn, and walk, trot, and potentially canter (depending on camper's riding experience).  Throughout the day and in each activity, the campers will have the opportunity to hear from the camp staff simple messages teaching about God's offer of salvation and what that means to us.

No horse experience is necessary!  Campers are broken into smaller groups of similar riding experience, which is perfect for both the new and more experienced riders.  Camp is from 8 am - 5pm on May 22, 2021.  Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack is provided.  To register, please call Jill at (402)520-0922 or DM our Facebook page: Whispering Acres Tails and Treasures.  Whispering Acres is located at this address:  71765 581st Ave., Jansen, NE 68377.

What to bring to camp?  *Your love for God!  *Your love for horses and the outdoors! *Jeans, long pants, leggings or sweatpants.  Preferably no shorts as your legs may rub on the saddle.  Closed toed shoes, no sandals.

*It may be cool in the morning, please feel free to wear a jacket or sweatshirt that you can take off in the afternoons.  A cubby will be available to keep it in.  *No personal items, such as rings, watches or jewelry.  We do have a lost and found, but are not responsilbe for lost items.